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Let Us Work with You to Get Your K1 US Visa or K3 US Visa

We are USA fiancé, fiancee, K1, spouse and marriage K3 visa attorneys with a 100% success rate. We have the resources required to expedite the processing of your US fiancee visa, USA marriage visa or American spousal visa application with as short a wait as possible. Our firm has obtained thousands of fiancé, fiancee, K1, spouse, and marriage K3 visas for entry into the United States of America, as well as other countries in the world. These include countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, Russia, China, Vietnam, Argentina, the UK, Australia, Germany and others.

Obtain a US Fiancee Visa or USA Marriage Visa with Our Help

Our mission is that you receive your fiancee, fiancé, K1, or marriage or spouse K3 visa in the shortest amount of time possible, and without problems. Unlike others we guarantee this in writing. We are equipped to take care of all United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) problems for you. Our professional, experienced staff will work to ensure that you will receive your K1 US visa, K3 visa US or American spousal visa quickly in all countries around the world. Hire us to avoid the mistakes made by many that lead to fiancé, fiancee, spouse, and marriage visa denials. However, if you used another service or attempted to obtain a visa yourself and were denied, we can still help. Contact us immediately for details .

The USCIS reports that almost 50% of all fiancé, fiancee, spouse, marriage, Visa Applications are DENIED!

We have Offices or Agents or Attorneys in the following locations Offering Special Services
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Angeles City, Philippines
  • Manila, Philippines
  • Pattaya, Thailand
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Mainland China (Beijing, Nanning, Shanghai, and Shenzhen)
  • Rio De Janeiro,  Brazil
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • India

Now you can be denied a visa for what you say to the doctor at the medical interview. Even if you think your case is a simple one, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you don't need an attorney to help you, because you are not trained on how to complete this complex process, or to recognize all of the answers that are Red Flags that will immediately cause your application to be among the 50% denied! We can tell you unequivocally that NONE of our applications are in that 50%!!! People often ask us “how difficult is it to fill out a few forms"? But we receive daily calls, and inquires, from people crushed and nearly in tears asking for our help in correcting legal mistakes that significantly impaired the expected results of their case. Do you know that every Embassy for every country has their particular issues and areas that will lead to immediate denial, and not one of those areas is explained nor highlighted on any of their forms.

We have the Experience!

We GUARANTEE our success! We have an amazing 100% Success rate for our fiancee (fiancé) K1 visas, K3 visas, or marriage and spouse visa clients.

Once a mistake is made, it is too late. Many people have filed their K1 visa, or K3 marriage visa themselves only to find out that they made costly mistakes on the application that resulted in long delays or oftentimes denials. As experienced US Immigration Attorneys we handle many of these cases--cases where people say they wished they had used our service in the beginning. If you are having problems with the Embassy or USCIS, please call us. We identify and prevent the red flags from becoming problems, before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, or Embassies make them issues that could permanently prevent your loved one from ever coming to the United States, or other countries.

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