Learn All You Need to Know About the I-130/K3 Marriage Visas

The K3 Visa is dead. Citing alleged forum shopping by couples getting married the USCIS has unilaterally killed the K3 Visa option and for that reason it is not advisable for any US Citizen to marry a foreign national overseas. The K3 I-130 Visa process currently takes 5-6 months longer than the K1 visa process and there is no deference given to your beneficiary if they show up as your fiancé that´sWe´lle or your spouse. For additional information on how this is occurring please contact us at 877 354 7463.


Officials within the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) and the U.S. State Department feel that about half of all international marriages involving Americans to foreigners are fraudulent, or sham marriages. As a result, the government closely scrutinizes all related applications, petitions and visas-in fact, the paperwork required for the K3 visa process is almost twice that required for a fiance(e) visa.


Before applying for the K3 marriage visa, the U.S. citizen spouse must file form I-130 on behalf of the foreign spouse with the USCIS that has jurisdiction over their place of residence. The I-130 is an application for lawful permanent residence status, or a green card. Even when a I-130 petition has already been filed, obtaining a K3 can reduce the time it takes to get a spouse into the country by two years or more. Generally, the K3 visa time line is shorter than just a marriage-based immigration visa petition.


A K3 visa can only be obtained by the spouse of a United States citizen, and where the foreign spouse is from and where the overseas marriage took place can impact the K3 visa process. One of the major benefits of the newly created K3 is that, instead of having to wait outside the country as the law previously required, a spouse can remain in the United States while awaiting approval of form I-130. All unmarried children under the age of 18, prior to the marriage between the United States Citizen and the foreign beneficiary who wish to accompany or join the spouse in the U.S. can apply for K4 visas.


As you can see the K3 visa process can involve a lot of steps and a lot of emotional ups and downs. You want an experienced, compassionate partner to help you through the procedure, and that´s why The Visa Service is the right fit for you. We´ll work with you to navigate the bureaucratic red flags and loopholes and assist you in avoiding the mistakes that lead to lengthy delays and denials.


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