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K3, I-130 Visa Forms Instructions

Items we need to file your Spouse Visa Application

  • I-130 Petition for Alien Relative (Spouse Visa) Two copies signed and dated 
  • I-129 F Petition for Alien Fiancee Form Two copies signed and dated (no fee to file the I-129 F/K3 when filed in conjunction with an I-130 Petition)
  • A check payable to US Department of Homeland Security for US $420 for the I-130 Petition
  • Two signed and dated copies of the G325A Biographic Information form from you and two from your spouse.
  • 6 USCIS Photos, of you (2 inches by 2 inches face forward, similar to Passport Photo with a white background)
  • 6 USCIS Photos, of your Spouse (2 inches by 2 inches or 5 cm by 5 cm face forward, similar to Passport Photo with a white background)
  • 8-10 Photo's of the 2 of you together (This item is important for the USCIS and Embassy) please have these photographs printed out at a photo shop or similar store in standard 4”x6” size on photo paper.
  • 6 Photocopies of your divorce(s) or death certificates if married before, for both you and/or your spouse if applicable and for all marriages if either of you have been married multiple times.
  • 6 Photocopy of your Passport front page, and entrance and exit stamps showing you have met your spouse
  • 6 Photocopies of a Certified copy of your marriage license
  • 6 Photocopies of receipts showing your time together in a foreign country including but not limited to airline tickets, boarding passes, itineraries, hotel receipts, credit card statements, or bank statements showing foreign transactions or ATM withdrawals, or other documentary evidence showing that you and your spouse have met in person.
  • 6 Photocopies of your birth certificate.
  • 6 Photocopies of any name change documents, including 6 photocopies of any certified English translations, if the name change documents are not in English.

Below you will find all of the forms you will need for the application.You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for all forms on this page

  • I-129F Form / Instructions
  • I-130F Form/ Instructions
  • Client's Bio Form G325A
  • Support Document K3 I-134
  • Support Document I-130/ CR1 I-864
  • Spouses Bio Form
  • Thailand Instructions
  • Philippines Instructions
  • Fill out completely and make sure they are correct before you print the forms. Print and sign where indicated. You will need your spouse info before you start the Fiancee Visa Petition and the Spouse Petition.

    The Spouse Bio Form's (USCIS requires 2 complete sets) can be filled out by your Spouse in their own country, print and sign where indicated and include native language signature where indicated and sent to you with the required pictures and documents.

    After you have all the forms completed, and the required documents, send them ASAP to The Law Group, 820 S. Monaco Pkwy., #315, Denver, Colorado 80224. If you have questions about completing the forms please call us at 877 354 7463 .

    Items needed at the interview for your spouse, he/she needs to have these documents

    In most cases we recommend that you and/or your spouse not begin compiling these documents before your application has been approved by the USCIS as most Embassies require that these documents be no more than 180 days old.

    • Police Clearance from anywhere they have lived for more than 6 months since the age of 16 years. In the Philippines your spouse also needs a NBI Clearance, in Thailand a National Police Clearance from Bangkok is all that is needed. In Brazil a local and Federal Police clearance are needed.
    • Additional 2 inch by 2 inch passport style face forward photos.
    • Certified copy of their birth certificate, translated into English.
    • Passport. (Valid for at least 6 months after the date of the Embassy interview)
    • I-134 Affidavit of Support, filled out by you with 3 years of notarized tax records attached, and a letter from your employer, on business stationery, showing date and nature of employment, salary paid, and whether your position is temporary or permanent, also, a letter from your bank, or other financial institution in which you have deposits, signed by an officer, on their stationery, indicating the following; date account opened, total amount deposited for the past year, and present balance. Complete, print, sign, have notarized the I-134 and send originals to your fiancee for the interview.
    • W2's, 1099, or 109639's for past 3 years, for all sources of income.
    • Paid visa receipt, currently US$240.00 K3,  or $230.00 for the CR1, I-130
    • Additional Photos of the two of you together to prove the validity of your relationship
    • Medical Examination Approximately US$ 223.35 , In the Philippines at St. Lukes Medical Center in Manila., in Thailand, China, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia, and other countries, at designated sites.
    • Divorce Certificate, or death certificate translated into English if ever married before.
    • Birth Certificate of all children, with English Translation.
    • House registration, with English translation (Thailand)
    • ID Card, with English translation (Thailand)

    Please note requirements change from time to time, and Embassy to Embassy. You will be advised if this occurs, and instructed if additional documents/procedures are required.

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