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Our Fiancee Visa Testimonials and K3 Visa Stories

Sharing K1 visa stories and fiancee visa testimonials is one way to demonstrate the effectiveness of The Law Group. We have a guaranteed 100% success rate, and in sixteen years, we've handled thousands of applications-with no rejections. We've worked with clients all over the world, and if you still have questions about our services, we encourage you to read these K1 visa stories and K3 visa stories. These letters and testimonials are a testament to our ability to help bring lovers together quickly and efficiently!

September 2008. Yaoyu's application is denied. I spent months contacting my Senators and Congress person but no one was able to help. After a couple consultations with immigration specialists, I finally found The Law Group. We (in China), took our case in hand, helped us, step by step, answered phone calls (YES, they answer phone calls!), responded to our e-mails ASAP, lifted our mood, gave us advices, the "do and not do", and, what documents were needed, and were able to accomplish what so many others were not. Now, 01/26/2010 Yaoyu's petition has been approved, thanks to the great work and support of the team. If you need an attorney to get your loved one by your side, I highly recommend the team. Thank you for everything.
Andre and Yaoyu

Dear The Law Group:

Client testimonials are what made me decide to enlist your services in securing a Visa for my fiancee, so I felt it was my duty to write my own testimonial to help others who visit your site. I want to start by thanking you for the tremendous work you did in helping to get us through the Visa process, in such a short amount of time. Your patience, and helpful answers, to our endless barrage of questions helped to take the anxiety and fear out of the entire Visa process.

Several people told me that I was crazy to pay for a lawyers services when I could have just done the paperwork on my own. They told me there was no way a lawyer could help to get a Visa secured in only three months. I have to admit I was skeptical....but I am now happy to say, it has been just under three months since my paperwork was submitted to the USCIS, (Petition submitted and Visa delivered in two months and three weeks) and I am getting on a plane in less than a week to bring my fiancee to the United States. I could not be happier with the investment I made in your services. Thanks again...what you do may only be a job to you, but it means so much more to people like us.

Forever grateful,
Mae and Rich
(Philippines to the USA)

Dear The Law Group,

Mary and I are in Florida now. I want to thank you for everything you did to assist us. I am sure if we did it ourselves we would have still been waiting. After the interview everything just fell into place. We plan to marry in January.

If there is anything that I can do for you in the future please don't hesitate to contact me. I owe you BIG.

All the BEST,
(Philippines to the USA)

Hello Dawn,

Yesterday was a wonderful, wonderful day. I spoke to my fiancé and she has finally received her VISA!!! The timing could not have been more perfect. As I type this I have 10 days left until I fly to Thailand to meet her. After my two week trip the plan was that she would fly back with me to the U.S. and with your help this is now a reality.

Thank you soooo much for everything. You have made both of us very, very, very happy. Now, off to get married!

(Thailand to the USA)

To All: "The first time was the charm in securing the fiancee (fiance) visa for my charming lady. The Law Group gave endless patient answers to my endless impatient questions."

Thanks David
(Russia to USA)

Dear The Law Group,

I'd like to take this chance to thank you for all your help with my recent petition for fiancee (fiance) visa. Also, if this gets on your web site, I'd like to tell everyone out there they should strongly consider talking to The Law Group before you do any immigration paperwork for your fiancee (fiance).

I'm a practicing attorney in the United States, and when my Thai girlfriend and I decided to get married I thought I could handle the visa process on my own. I practice mostly criminal law, however the fiancee (fiance) visa application process did not seem that complicated, at first. As an attorney, I should have know The I-129F and related paperwork would be riddled with pitfalls you wont know about in advance unless you practice in this area. That why they call it the practice of law. For example, after reading the instructions 3 times I still managed to send My I-134 (affidavit of support) to the wrong office. (I can tell you that if you're going to send a form to the wrong government office, you might as well send it to NASA for the next Mars Mission, because you're never going to see that form again anyway.) As you need to file an original notarized copy with USCIS, this was a problem. And the worst part is that no one will tell you made a mistake. After waiting 110 days for the decision on my petition for alien fiancee (fiance) I was getting worried.

Fortunately for me, I discovered The Law Group’s law firm about that time. Within 2 or 3 E-mail conversations The Law Group had identified what I had done right, what I had done wrong, and what remained to be done. Luckily, my petition was approved without The Law Group’s additional help, but it took 120 days. However, there are many things that need to be done in the country of your fiancee (fiance) such as Police certificates, physical, and embassy interview. It's clear to me The Law Group’s people in Thailand can do in weeks, what would take a layperson months, if they could do it at all.

If you're really serious about bringing your fiancee (fiance) home, hire The Law Group in the beginning. Trust me, fretting over what you may have done wrong, and then explaining that mistake to your fiancee (fiance) is not worth it.

Thanks again,

(Thailand to USA)

Dear The Law Group:

Marcia & I spoke today, & got the great news! Thank you so much for all your assistance, you (& Dawn) really have brought our dream to reality...From the bottom of our hearts, Marcia & I thank you so much for everything you did to make this possible, (and to Dawn, for her great ear to listen to me as I lamented on & on.) Marcia & I will recommend you to anyone else having visa troubles. We will recommend with & without troubles, because those without, they probably will have them before its all over, & its good to know who to call.

Tim and Marcia
(Philippines to the USA)

Thank you, Dawn!

Visa received July 15. Without a hitch, no pun intended... I want to tell everyone that we got the fiancee (fiance) Visa first time through. From my first meeting with The Law Group, I was impressed with your thoroughness and willingness to answer the many questions I had about this daunting process. That continued throughout the long process, especially on the smallest details. What impressed me the most, however, were the patient and cheerful explanations even though I imagined I asked the same question a dozen times. I don't think I've encountered as professional and competent a service of any kind anywhere, and my fiancee (fiance) and I thank you. She's due to arrive in three weeks!

Best regards,

David and Svetlana
(Ukraine to the USA)

Dear The Law Group:

Gina and I would like to Thank You for the help in obtaining the fiancee (fiance) K1 visa for us. I am sorry I could not contact earlier but there were problems getting online in Italy. I was there when I found out the visa had been approved, and was totally surprised. It is still hard to believe but its true. I am and would recommend your service to anyone who needs it. You gave us hope when we needed some. In addition you gave me truthful & straight forward answers when others did not. Thanks Again,


John and Gina
(Philippines to USA)

The Law Group:

What wonderful news! How can I thank you and Dawn enough! I haven't got through to Lek yet, but saw the email when I logged on first thing this morning. My nerves are a little frayed, so hopefully now I can relax a bit. I am ever so grateful to you both. Many thanks and of course I am more than happy for you to use my remarks.

When Lek and myself made the decision to get engaged and for her to come to the UK, I felt so far away and alone, with this enormous mountain of Visa procedures and red tape to try and get through. We needed to get people who we could trust, who would lead us both through the minefield of paperwork and act on our behalf and in our interests. You made this possible, and I cannot thank you both enough for getting the job done and making it all happen. Of course because you were handling things for us I did not need to make extra trips to Thailand, I could get on with my job, and build for our future when she was ready to come to the UK.

Thank you both again.

Andy and Lek
(Thailand to the UK)

NOTE: The following case involved an exception to the meeting requirement. Original I-129 F Petition For fiancee (fiance) was filed on August 16, 2000 at the Nebraska Service Center. We received a denial notice and appealed back to the Nebraska Service Center on March 05, 2001 and again were denied. We appealed to the INS Commissioner in Washington, DC, and the case was certified for review on September 22, 2001, and APPROVED May 21, 2002. Here are the Petitioner's own words of the events.

Side Note: These decisions do not come easy but if you have a valid reason for NOT Meeting your fiancee (fiance), we can help you. See recent USCIS decisions in this area (99% denials).

Hi all at The Law Group,

This is such a paramount victory we should share this story with others who are unsure about their chances for success. I would first like to explain that I am legally blind and would have extreme difficulty in foreign travel. So the odds were already stacked against me. Hiring a Sighted Guide would crash my economy. USCIS has provisions in their rules for waiver of the first meeting on foreign soil. The petitioner is exempt from the requirements for a meeting if it is established that a hardship would occur. In my case, we felt that the financial burden was that hardship. This case was appealed at the level of Commissioners Office In Washington D. C. and we won. I also believe that this case will set precedence for other cases to come. USCIS is not known for their sensitivity towards anyone’s feelings but this approval may say that policies are changing. They finally must realize that because a person may not see or walk, they still love and want to be loved. Thanks for being steadfast with this case, you hung in there and saw it to the end..

Dan K.
(Russia to the USA)

Hello All,

Thanks again for your quick response. Not only do you have my permission to use whatever I write you, I would like to tell your potential clients how good your service really is. I have done the paperwork for visa's a few times by myself. The first time it took a year before my wife got her visa. The second time took so long my fiancee (fiance) found somebody else. (which was better for me anyway) This last time I had really found the girl of my dreams. I didn't want anything to go wrong. I decided to try The Law Group, and let me tell you it was the best decision I ever made. My dream girl (Fiancee, Fiance) was in America and in my arms in less than 3 months. They work very closely with you and your Fiancee (Fiance) . I even met with the personnel when I went to Thailand. For anybody who is serious about bringing a loved one to your home country, there is no better service than The Law Group. I am a very satisfied customer and look forward to doing business with them in the future.


Michael V.
(Thailand to USA)

Hurray!!!! The Embassy just delivered the stamped passport, and her packet today. We're both very happy. I bought tickets for the 6th of May, and we'll be getting married on the 11th in a park in my home county. Thank you so much for all your help! Now all we have to do is get her permanent resident status changed, and then start prepping her for citizenship... Still a ways to go, but the hardest part is over.

Thank you!
Jack T.
(Philippines to USA)

I would LOVE to tell the world how wonderful our experience has been, how much love Dahlia and I have found, how great it is to be together, and how grateful we are to you for doing such a good job handling our petition to the USCIS. "Thank You!" is just not good enough for what a wonderful change you have brought to our lives......So, thank YOU Dawn and please thank the attorneys and other staff as well. I will never forget the morning I woke to find an urgent email from you, "Bill I have GREAT NEWS for you!"

Bill C.
(Philippines to USA)

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