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Take Advantage of Our K1 Visa Service or Marriage Visa Services

As you begin this process, you must be very careful of information you accept to be true regarding your fiancee visa application, fiance, K-1, spouse K-3 or other visa application. During a recent search on the Internet of so-called visa help sites, we discovered that some of the information contained on those sites was so outdated that your application would not even be considered. Some information on these Web sites had not been updated since 1992. With things changing so fast at the USCIS and the State Department, even advice from someone that just received a fiancee, fiancé, K1 or K3 visa might not be accurate (e.g., in Thailand, all embassy forms and procedures have changed recently).

Fill Out a Fiancee Visa Application and Use Our Fiancee Visa Services

The do-it-yourself method might work for some, but ask yourself if it is worth NOT EVER being with your loved one to save a few dollars now. Also, with USCIS reporting and dealing with a nearly 2 million case backlog, you might consider how long you wish to wait to be with your loved one. So hire us to start the process as soon as possible and let our fiancee visa services and marriage visa services work for you. Naturally, we are not saying that we are the only K1 visa service and attorney service that can get you a visa.

Special Service We Offer In The Philippines

The US Embassy in Manila is very difficult to deal with. This is largely because of the shear volume of applications they receive and the amount of staff that they have to be able to process these requests. Many people have communicated with us saying that sometimes they have called 2-3 other law firms before finding our firm to take their case in the Philippines. The other firms, according to the calls we get, don't want to take cases for the Philippines anymore because of all the problems there. One of the problems is you cannot contact the US Embassy either by phone, fax, or email. They will not respond simply because they can not respond. They use a Call Center that seems to be staffed with locals that is not able to be informed with up to date information, and therefore can’t know what is going on. Also, documents and sometimes even visas can, and do, get lost, and then they have to be reconstructed taking many more months for the visa to be issued, if ever. We have taken on many clients who have filed the petition themselves, sometimes a much as 2 years ago who still have no visa! Our secret to success, is that we are there in the Philippines, we have offices, and staff there, and personally go to the United States Embassy in Manila at least two times a month, and more if needed. If you have a love one in the Philippines, and need a fiancee (fiance) K1 , K3 or Spouse visa for them, let us handle it professionally, rapidly, and correctly the first time. We know how to deal with the embassy, and you don’t want to take chances on the process not being done correctly, in the long run our service is well worth the cost. But you don’t need to take our word for that please feel free to read a few testimonials - Click Here.

We offer many types of Visa services for the many types of Visas:

Fiancee (Fiance), Tourist, Relative, Spouse, K-3, Children, Student, Employment, etc...

We have literally 1000's of clients who've used us to obtain Visas from the following countries:

The Philippine Islands, Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, Romania, Ukraine, China, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia and The World

We have specialized services for your K-1, V, or K-3 in their home country, assisted by a skilled staff members that speak the native language of your fiancee (fiance) or spouse. We will help you gather and prepare all required and necessary documents, prepare your fiancee (fiance) or spouse for the embassy interview, and attend the interview with your fiancee (fiance) or spouse in countries where we are permitted to do so, and where we feel it may be necessary to ensure there are no problems. In addition, we have many ways to expedite most Visas. No other Visa Service can offer you this type of extensive specialized services in as many countries.

What the law says:

If any of the following pertain to your fiancee (fiance) or spouse you need contact us, as we can help in dealing with these situations. Applicants who are of the same sex, have a communicable disease, or have a dangerous physical or mental disorder; are or have been drug addicts; have committed minor and/or serious criminal acts, including crimes involving moral turpitude, drug trafficking, and prostitution (working in a Go-Go bar, beer bar, or massage service); or are likely to become a public charge; Individuals who fall into these categories by current law must be refused a visa. We can address these problems in advance and thereby allowing you to get the visa, for your fiancee (fiance) or spouse.

Thailand and Philippine Services

In these countries there can be many problems that prevent your fiancee (fiance) or spouse from getting their visa, including previous work in a Go Go, or other type of bar. The biggest problem in Thailand compared to the Philippines is that most of the girls in Thailand do not speak or read English, however, we have agents in Thailand that can communicate with your fiancee (fiance) or spouse in their native language.

Why Do I need RHC Visa Services?

The immigration laws have changed so much lately that people with immigration problems should always consult with, and retain an experienced representative, to represent them, and handle their particular problem's). The ever changing rules have created numerous pitfalls that await the inexperienced. An experienced, competent, representative can explain the current state of the immigration law to you, and thereby assisting you to accomplish your immigration goals quickly, and efficiently.

The RHC Visa Service advantage for your K-1, V, or K-3 Visas

  • Your K1 or K3 will obtain their visa 2-4 months faster if you use RHC Visa Services.
  • The chance of making an error in the application process is greatly reduced. Any error, even a minor one, can delay your application for months.
  • You save time, trouble, and possible denial, by letting our experts handle the work and worry for you.

Our experienced representative will guide your K1 or K3 through the process by having an experienced translator (if needed) communicate with them by phone and e-mail, in Thailand, China and the Philippines in person. This reduces their anxiety level and prevents them from making a mistake in the process. Plus where permitted we attend the interview with them to hopefully prevent other potential problems.

Why a Fiancee (Fiance) Visa or K-3?

Each couple and each situation is different so it is impossible to say that one visa is always the best. However, for most couples, the fiancee (fiance) visa is the best if you are not sure you are ready to marry, or need to see how the person adjusts to life in the USA. If you are ready to get married, the K-3 is the best way to go. The K-3 offers the same processing time and even though there is more cost up front in the long run it is cheaper since it is valid for two (2) years with multiple, entries and there is no need for applying for the Advance Parole like in a fiancee (fiance) visa situation, and paying the appropriate fee (currently US$ 80.00) each time to the USCIS.

Tourist visa applications generally have a very low success rate. Tourist visas are possible if the lady can show that she has ample reasons to return to her country, e.g. a child not traveling with her, substantial assets, prior experience traveling to first world countries, a good job, and/or a substantial amount of money in a bank in her country. Very few ladies, however, meet the above criteria.

Student visa applications now have a lower success rate than tourist visas and a much lower rate than the fiancee (fiance) visa. In addition, the student visa usually takes much longer because the student must take an English test in their home country (TOEFL Test), and then apply for and gain admission to a U.S. University prior to applying for a student visa. In addition when applying for a student visa, the student must have enough money in the bank to pay the full cost of tuition, fees, housing, etc. to cover at least one year of study.

If you marry a foreign person outside of the U.S. you must file an immigrant (spousal petition) in order to obtain permanent resident status. This usually takes 12-18 months. Now with the K3 Visa, the processing time is the same as for a Fiancee (Fiance) Visa K1. The Spouse and K3 provides the best combination of high success rate, short processing time, and simplicity. The Spouse and K3 visa is absolutely the best way to get your spouse to the United States if you are already married or plan to be soon, as your spouse can then wait here in the US for the spousal visa to be received.

What are the services preformed by the RHC Visa Services in a typical K1 or K3 visa case?

  • Provide prompt initial consultation to familiarize the client with the documents and forms needed
  • Provide an overview of the visa process, answer any and all questions, and address any unusual or unique concerns.
  • Complete the Fiancee (Fiance) Visa Application Package, and include a Statement of Intent to Support the Application.
  • Determine eligibility to file a Petition for K1 or K3.
  • Determine the correct Service Center at which to file the petition.
  • Determine the correct consulate for your K1 or K3 interview.
  • Ensure that the correct fees are paid, and when said fees need to be paid.
  • Assist you in obtaining foreign documents, translations, and signatures for various forms.
  • Complete the necessary forms to be filed with the USCIS, and the appropriate Embassy including sections of forms which must be completed in another language.
  • Cross check all of the information on various forms (names, addresses, date of birth, prior marriages, etc.) for consistency.
  • Inspect all of the documents such as birth certificates, divorce decrees, etc. to verify compliance with USCIS and Embassy requirements.
  • Prepare an appropriate certificate of accuracy with regard to non-original documents.
  • Check photos for compliance with USCIS and Embassy requirements including photo size, image size, pose, type of film, etc.
  • Check all documents for compliance with disclosure requirements for K1 or K3 with children.
  • Correspond with the USCIS at the time of filing of documents, and the time of approval of said documents.
  • Assist you in preparing your Affidavit of Support with all appropriate documentation
  • Communicate with the appropriate Embassy to obtain an expedited interview date.
  • Communicate with your K1 or K3 regarding any forms and documents needed for their consular interview.
  • Provide general assistance, and advise to you and your K1 or K3, regarding the important and complex visa and immigration process.

Visa's and Children

Does your K1 or K3 have children? Do you know the complications this causes? We do! Many guys with do-it-yourself immigration packages get the shock of their lives when they find the lady cannot bring her child or children to the U.S. because he wasn't told how to deal with it from the start. Sometimes these situations make it nearly impossible for the lady to get a visa too.

We Keep Up To Date On The Laws

Do you know the latest changes? We do! Because we are always in the feedback loop, we hear about changes before anyone else does.

Do You Want Experience?

We have over 9 years, and thousands of issued Visas of it! And we don't charge you an arm and a leg like other Visa Services. We've never had a visa rejected with our service.

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