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Fiancee Visa Staff

The Law Group began in 1995 serving the needs of the people in the Southeast Asia to the USA, and now The Law Group is truly global. Today The Law Group operates many divisions in many different countries, and has more agents and/or attorneys in foreign countries than any other firm. Even though The Law Group has grown over the years, our staff will treat you as an individual, and complete every visa application as if it were their own.

Some Key Personnel:

L. Schlosser: Esq. Attorney at Law, President and CEO The Law Group. Mr. Schlosser has 18 + years legal experience, specializing in Immigration and related areas. He ensures all applications comply with all current USCIS regulations, and requirements. In addition, he assists in seeing that all applications are routed correctly, handled efficiently, and properly. Mr. Schlosser personally handles all appeals, refugee, and asylum petitions, as well as all other complicated immigration cases that The Law Group routinely handles. Mr. Schlosser shuttles between the Denver Colorado, Pattaya Thailand, Angeles City, Philippines, and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil offices.

Dawn Fitzgerald: Managing Director of the USA offices with 33+ years of Government experience, and 12+ years at The Law Group. Reviews, processes, and double checks all applications filed at the USCIS Service Centers, communicates directly with our many clients, and assists in proper document preparation.

Other staff members not listed.

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