Get the The Law Group advantage for your K-1 Visa or K-3 Visa

We offer specialized services for your fiancee or spouse in their home country guided by our experienced representatives that speak the native language of your fiancee (fiancé) or spouse. We will help you determine which visa is best for your situation, gather and prepare all required and necessary documents, prepare your fiancee (fiancé) or spouse for the embassy interview, and attend the interview with your fiancee (fiancé) or spouse in countries where we are permitted to do so. In addition, we can expedite most visas. No other law firm and visa service specialists can offer you this type of extensive specialized services in as many countries.

The Law Group has over 18 years experience and has helped with tens of thousands of issued visas. We have a 100% success rate at Consulates and Embassies around the world, not just the USCIS which many other services use to bolster their 100% success rate claims. This is remarkable as the USCIS reports that almost 50% of all fiancee (fiancé), spousal and marriage visa applications are denied.

We offer many types of visa services for many types of visas:

We have tens of 1000′s of clients who’ve used us to obtain visas from the following countries: The Philippine Islands, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Moldova, South Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, Ukraine, Latvia, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, India, Pakistan, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Egypt, Israel, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, Iran, Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, Madagascar, Indonesia, Belarus, Poland, France, Germany, Mexico, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and many other countries, to numerous to mention individually. No one has more experience in successfully obtaining K1 fiancé, fiancee or K3 spousal, marriage visas worldwide than we do.

Save time, trouble, and possible denial, by letting our experts handle the work and worry for you. Contact The Law Group now to get stared. We GUARANTEE our success!